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TECH_ Sambashares with UTF-8

Debian running with Samba 3 and Windows XP client.

Configure Debian to use UTF-8 locale by typing dpkg-reconfigure locale and select de_DE.UTF-8 and enable it as default. Set LC_CTYPE in the file /etc/environment to de_DE.UTF-8. Relogin to enable the new settings.

Configure Samba by setting unix encoding to UTF-8 in the file /etc/samba/smb.conf and restart the daemon by typing /etc/init.d/samba restart.

If puTTy won't display umlauts or other non-ASCII characters, enable UTF-8 in Window -> Translation.

You still have files named in another encoding? Use the tool convmv to convert for example ISO-8859-15:
convmv -f ISO-8859-15 -t UTF-8 -r --notest /dir/to/convert/recursively > renamed_files.txt


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